30 Best Dog Names For The Mighty Maltese [PICTURES]

maltese dogs in grass

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Are you looking for the best Maltese dog names? Maybe you’ve just added one of these pups to your family, or maybe you’re planning to adopt soon. Whatever the case may be, your new best buddy deserves the best name!

If this dainty, white angel has fluttered into your heart, maybe you should consider choosing a moniker no other lap dog at the park will be answering to: Steve. Or, if yours is a sweet little Maltese Maltball, why not call the pup Whopper?

What’s the best name for a dog who’s really cute, fluffy, and white all over? We’ve found some of the best dog names with adorable pictures from fellow Maltese lovers on Instagram. Check out the best Maltese dog names below to get some inspiration for your new family member!

What do you love most about the mighty Maltese? Do you have a favorite Maltese dog name? Post a comment below and add it to our list!

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